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Reach more customers by updating customer contact information.

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Customer insight

Higher marketing ROI by understanding customer, target and segment.

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More response and conversion by reaching the right audience.

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EDM first charity data specialist to pass new DMA data audit

EDM Media UK is one of the first organisations to successfully pass the DMA's stringent new data audit, a new standard for best practice.

Areas covered include when and where data was collected, consent, opt-in statements and privacy policies, security, TPS, MPS and FPS screening procedures and other suppression processes.

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Ten top tips for getting your data GDPR-ready

A lot of the organisations I speak to are concerned that their supporter data is not yet GDPR-compliant, and that they don't know the right questions to ask to help them get it that way.

Here's my top ten for getting your data GDPR-ready.

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Knowledge of data.
Sense of marketing.