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About EDM

EDM BV is part of the EDM Media Group, with offices in the Netherlands and Belgium. EDM Media Group also participates in: Smart Data services, Adflow and The Data Agency.


In 1995 Gert-Jan Evers founded EDM Broking & Management. From the "Think global, act local" vision, offices in England, France, Germany and Belgium are opened between 2000 and 2007.

EDM continues to grow and the year 2009 is all about the takeover of Customer Intelligence specialist DDMS. In 2014, a major step is taken by taking over Bisnode Nederland BV, previously WDM Nederland.


  • 1995 Founding of EDM B&M
  • 1999 Start EDMMedia, Nederland
  • 2000-2003 Start EDMMedia, England, Germany and France
  • 2004 Takeover Beta Marketing BV (EDM Data BV)
  • 2007 Start EDMMedia, Belgium
  • 2008 Takeover Teleknowledge Directory Service BV by EDMData
  • 2009 Takeover DDMS
  • 2013 Merger EDMMEDIA, EDMDATA and DDMS. New name: EDM
  • 2014 Share in Mark&Mini
  • 2014 Takeover Bisnode Nederland BV
  • 2015 Bisnode Nederland BV and EDM together form EDM BV
  • 2015 Share in Smart Data Services
  • 2016 Founding of EDM Digital Solutions
  • 2017 Share in startup Adflow
  • 2018 New Managing Director EDMMEDIA Be Peter Trap 


The amount of data that organisations have at their disposal is enormous, as is the speed with which it is received and its diversity. This trend will continue, not just in terms of data gathered from the relationship with the client, but also in terms of data made available by others, e.g. open data from the government.

This increasing amount of data comes with a growing need and necessity to be able to make the data accessible, analyse it and apply it. Not just to give the customer the most relevant message at the right time and via the right channel, but also to be able to capitalise faster on KPIs that are important for an organisation.

Successful organisations will thus stand out from the rest more and more by putting their (customer) data first in their business strategy and by archieving a higher RoD (Return on Data)


EDM wants to be the partner of choice for medium-sized and large data-driven organisations, helping them to maximise their RoD by making their data as accessible as possible, and by analysing and applying the data.


EDM increased the RoD through intelligent and pragmatic solutions in the area of data quality, customer insights and audience targeting. By using advanced technology, consumer information and analyses, data is made accessible, analysed and applied. For example by validating customer data, building dashboards for 360º customer profile and the segmented targeting of the right online and offline target group.



Knowledge of data.
Sense of marketing.