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Improve the response rates and improve the conversion

We take a step by step approach to improve your conversion rates.

  1. We begin by looking at your target group; analysing their profile and channel preference
  2. We set concrete targets
  3. We select your target group
  4. We evaluate and analyse response rates

Step 1: Target group analysis
By analysing the history of current customers, we understand the target group profile and the channel preferences. We look at the profile of your responders, the profile of your highest responders and through which channels they responded.

Step 2: Concrete targets
EDM holds over 20 years of knowledge and expertise in both the B2C and B2B market, therefore we will help you set the right targets for your desired channels.

Step 3: Selecting your target group
With ownership and access to a complete consumer and B2B database, EDM always gets quality results. From the development of advanced lookalike models in terms of gain charts to the creation of sociodemographic target group characteristics, nothing is too much for EDM.

Step 4: Evaluations and response analyses
We aim to get better results every time. That's why we measure the success of each campaign, by examining the most influential factors and analysing the results. In addition to this, we provide the knowledge upfront, create new test opportunities for you, along with offering the most competitive deals.

Knowledge of data.
Sense of marketing.