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Customer insight

Customer insight

Marketers, customer intelligence and marketing managers can implement better decisions by understanding their customers and having customer insight. By knowing your clients, target group and market you can direct your offer and message towards your clients more effectively.

This will in turn benefit recruitment, development and retention campaigns, leading to high conversion rates overall.EDM uses advanced statistical analyses and datamining techniques in order to provide you with right insights. These insights are the foundation towards undertaking more effective sales and marketing decisions.


In most circumstances, client data is limited to address and transaction details. With EDM database marketing studio and project analyses you will finally be able to tackle this problem, by having the complete picture.

In other words, you will have a much greater insight into your customers.


Project analysis

Our team of specialised marketing intelligence experts will help you with your marketing activities, particularly in terms of processing and incorporating data. With our help, you will be able to profile, segment, forecast and create a geographic visualisation for your customer data.

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With EDM's LynqID database marketing solution you will no longer have to hassle your IT department. Studio will allow you to manage your marketing database. You will finally be in charge of your design, the quality of the data and other aspects of your database.

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