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The data you have on your customers changes on a daily basis. Every day, we see a life being brought into the world, couples starting a life together in a new home and our loved ones passing away. In the commercial world, we see a similar trend of constant innovation of ideas and ways of operating. This is particularly visible through the start up of new businesses, acquisitions, mergers and inefficient businesses going bankrupt.

These changes will have an impact on the quality of your whole customer database and on the quality of your individual customer data. EDMMEDIA addresses this issue at the root, allowing you to continue to communicate and retain your customers all the way through their customer journey.

Primarily, EDMMEDIA will offer you total insight into the quality of your database through file diagnosis and data scanning.

Secondly, EDMMEDIA will enhance your database through validation and enrichment methods.

With these services and by using the 24/7 web service, you can ensure that your prospects receive an offer that is targeted to their needs.

In summary: we will provide all the right data quality solutions in order for you to get the most out your data.


The core:

The world is constantly changing; significant events can lead to your database being out of date. The essential adjustments are required; otherwise the quality of your data will suffer. Consequently, clients may become dissatisfied, causing them to leave and look elsewhere: This can occur if you do not know how best to target and approach your subscribers, clients or donors.

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Validation + enrichment process:

Verify, alter and keep up-to-date. Enhance your customer database by using validation and enrichment processes. Develop your customer database though EDMMEDIA's B2C and B2B data. With us, you can reach your customers at the right address, using the most updated and correct data.

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File diagnoses and data scan:

Searching to gain deep insight into the quality of your client database? Get easy and quick insight into the quality of your database by scanning your data for free with us.

By valuing and adhering to your customers' right to privacy, you can prevent the occurrence of issues, complaints and most importantly reputational damage.

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Web services:

Web services from EDMMEDIA will allow you to verify and enrich data at your convenience with 24/7 access to up-to-date data reference. Targeting your product towards prospective customers has never been easier.

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