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File diagnoses and data scan

Deep customor insight form your database

Data diagnosis in the form of gaining instant insight into the status of your customer file can be attained through a dataquality scan.

Our dataquality scan will allow you to understand the current quality of your database, along with the enhancements and add-ons that can be made by us. These additions and alterations will be based on the following features:

  • The spelling of consumers' surnames
  • The supply of the new places of residencies of the customers who have moved house
  • The flagging of those who have deceased;
  • The correction or supply of your customers date of birth;
  • The addition of a gender to your customer database;
  • The supply of accurate telephone numbers;
  • The flagging of companies addresses ;
  • The identification of the legitimacy of email addresses;

If the database is maintained in an accurate and appropriate manner, you will be able to communicate with more customers, along with having the possibility of reactivating your former customers.

This will subsequently lead to higher conversion rates from your campaigns, saving you on costs and preventing you from mailing to the wrong address.

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