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EDM member of Database Network Associates (DNA)

DNA is a unique pan-European network of database and direct marketing experts that focuses on "data-driven solutions for consumers." DNA is the answer to increasing client demand and their search for a successful combination of local expertise and global experience.

DNA offers the most effective way of contacting more than 420 million consumers across Europe. DNA works with local representatives. The companies that are part of the Database Network Associates are independent and are among the leading experts in their respective markets.

With over 25 years of database and direct marketing experience in the Netherlands and Belgium, EDM has been elected as the Dutch DNA partner. Currently, there are 13 local companies that have joined forces to represent the network.



DNA, with 13 local experts in North and Western Europe

All DNA partners are market leaders in their own country. This allows DNA members to enter into international relationships and offer total solutions to clients.

Read more about Database Network Associates on www.dnanetwork.com

International offices

As part of the vision " Think global, Act local" EDM has opened offices in England and Belgium between 2000 and 2007. In addition, Dutch colleagues regularly visit international accounts and branch events.

Brussel office (BE)
+32 (0)476 24 12 01
Buro & Design Center
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Knowledge of data.
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