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We guarantee the quality of your data

With the evolution of information needs and technological advances, it can be hard to keep up the quality of your data. EDM LynqID marketing database will provide with the right tools to address this issue.

LynqID will give you access to specialist systems where you can get the most added value from your big data and address your biggest database management challenges, such as but not limited:

  • Data can be pooled, managed and cleaned from a variety of sources;
  • Data can be collected from offline, online and social media sources;
  • Multi-channel campaigns can be undertaken;
  • Dashboards and reports can be created;
  • Data will be analysed, segmented and mined;
  • User-friendly access to your client data will be acquired;
  • Insights into client behaviour will be multiplied.


User-friendliness and ACCESSABILITY

EDM LynqID provides information on your customer database in real-time. LynqID is a browser, which ensures that your data is fresh and can be used directly for your campaigns.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialists if you would like to find out more information with regards to LynqID. We will guarantee the quality of your data.

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