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EDM Media announces new charity CRM tools to give charities and supporters real-time management of consent data

EDM Media has launched two new tools: Consent Vault and Permission Portal to help charities with their GDPR complianceIn line with the law's requirements, the tools are designed to give charities real-time access to their supporter consent data, and also enable them to offer their supporters fast, secure access to their own consent information, with the power to make changes. 

As bolt on, off-the-shelf solutions, the new tools can sit alongside an organisation's existing CRM and Single Customer View products, and enable charities to give both supporters and supporter care teams easy access to the data permissions each individual has given: an essential requirement for complying with GDPR. This includes the channel through which permissions were granted and when, as well as the ability for both parties to update, amend or withdraw them, all in real-time.

As such, the tools also help organisations meet the Right to be Forgotten requirement.

Both Consent Vault and Permission Portal link to the same information, displayed in an easy-to-understand table that gives a clear breakdown of the consents given and when, and is simplified for supporter access.

Unlike other tools on the market, as well as updating organisations' CRM and SCV technology, they also feed all updates back to the original input files.

Key features:

Consent Vault

  • Provides real-time access to supporter records.
  • Lets charities hold, update, and track permissions by channel.
  • Enables charities to quickly answer an individual's request for information. Such as why the charity has contacted them, and to change or confirm a request for future contact.
  • Enables charities to 'forget' an individual in line with the Right to be Forgotten.

Permission Portal

  • Lets supporters themselves manage the data a charity holds on them and the communications they receive.
  • Lets individuals exercise their Right to be Forgotten.
  • Grants supporter access through the charity's own website.
  • Secure: supporters must first undergo an identity verification process before they are allowed to access any records and then login.

"As well as being essential for complying with GDPR, being able to answer supporter questions and help them with their requests is good donor management but it requires a central repository that shows you who all your supporters are, what permissions they have given to you and when they did so. Many current CRM systems do not hold this data, making it impossible for charities to answer a supporter's request in real time," says Suzanne Lewis, managing director of EDM Media.

"Consent Vault and Permission Portal are two sides of a coin that enable just that. Providing you have tracked or stored what users have seen and when at the initial point of response, we can enable charities to tie this data together in one neat, but dynamic package, enabling supporter requests, however they are received, to be answered immediately. "

Consent Vault and Permission Portal  can be used on their own or in tandem. Entry level for both is £750 per month, with costs depending on file size. For organisations without a CRM or SCV technology, the systems behind Consent Vault and Permission Portal can provide this too.


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