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EDM to take over Bisnode Nederland

EDM has reached an agreement with Bisnode AB about the takeover of Bisnode Nederland, established in Nieuwegein. Frank de Beun and Robert Feltzer, managing partners at EDM, will form the MT, together with Bisnode's marketing manager Bob Hoogewind. The current collaboration with Bisnode AB, where EDM acts as a partner for international clients in the Dutch market, will be continued.

Data-driven organisations are demonstrably more successful, as is shown by research by technology university MIT. "The way in which businesses and non-profit organisations are handling data will mean the difference between success and failure, in the near feature." The creation of customer insight and how to go from Big Data to Smart Marketing are topics that should be on the agenda in every board room", says Ronald Langendoen, managing director of EDM Media Group. “EDM and Bisnode teaming up means that organisations get a partner that has the best knowledge in all subareas of data and decision-making to help them reach their customers in this Age of the Customer."

Dedicated Propositions
According to Frank de Beun, Managing Partner at EDM, relevance is the key to successful marketing. "Consumer wants their privacy to be respected, but at the same time they are open to dedicated propositions from trusted organisations. In other words: an offer that suits their profile to a tee."

Bob Hoogewind, marketing manager at Bisnode Nederland: “The past few years we have worked hard to optimise our national profile information ('GeoMarket profile') and dashboard technology for the visualisation of client data. This new partnership means that we can help our clients even better to take the right decisions by giving them a grip on and insight into their client data."

The head office of the EDM and Bisnode Nederland combination will be established in Haarlem. EDM's branch office in Utrecht will be joined with that of Bisnode Nederland in Nieuwegein mid-September.

Knowledge of data.
Sense of marketing.