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How single is your Single Customer View (SCV) and is it ready for GDPR?

Here's an interesting offer for those concerned that their current systems and processes for holding customer data may not be up to GDPR scratch. The trouble is that many people I speak to have no real idea of the scale of their problem. And, we've all heard about those scary fines of 2% of global annual turnover or €10m (whichever is highest), so putting our proverbial heads in the sand instead is not an option.

Berry Thompson is currently offering a free evaluation of your on-line and off-line customer data, and your ability to create a single de-duplicated customer view. This gives you clear insight into your data, so that you can take practical steps to ensure you can handle any 'stop contacting me' requests from consumers.

Might be worth checking it out. Click here to find out more.

Suzanne Lewis, Managing Director, EDM MEDIA UK

Knowledge of data.
Sense of marketing.