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Jan Hendrik Fleury – Chairman DDMA committee Customer Data & Dialogue

Since 2011, EDM has been an active member of the DDMA. It has played an important role in the development of data driven marketing as a discipline by contributing to numerous activities. DDMA is a Dutch branch organisation for data driven marketing. Jan Hendrik Fleury is Innovations Managers at EDM and the new chairman of DDMA's Customer Data & Dialogue committee. The DDMA is the Dutch version of the BDMA (Belgium) and DMA (UK).

After participating in the Customer Data & Dialogue committee, you are now following Hoger wandt of Human Inference in his footsteps as the new chairman on the same committee. Up until now, what has been your role?
"Together with Holger and other members of the committee, we've managed to increase the number of organized events. Additionally we've expanded the areas of focus from purely data quality, to everything within an organisation that needs to be adjusted in order to communicate in a relevant way and also omnichannel".

What kind of legacy does Holger leave behind within the committee?
"Over the past three years, Holger has widened the overall focus by adding three extra areas of focus. Beside data quality we now have: data governance, data analytics and data integration. These all are approached through the two prisms of technology and organization. This approach and the very sleek execution is something Holger can be proud of!"

As a chairman, what tasks are you mainly going to perform?
"Together with the team and the DDMA-office I am going to start by endorsing the year plan which started in January."

What do you want to achieve?
"This year we are gong to concentrate on developing the following three themes: Monetization, Activation, Communication. It is about the determining the value of data, realizing new business models with data and the integration/linking of data within the organisation across multi channels.

We are aiming to engage at all levels up to C-suite. We are using three approaches for different levels of authority and experience. Firstly aimed at Elite E (C-level) – there will be afternoon updates (targeting marketing operations) and the DDMA Data day (aimed at all professionals in data driven marketing). Secondly, we are responsible for the annual Data Driven Marketing Research report and of finally, the Customer Data Award."

what is your biggest challenge?
"It is quite a challenge to receive sufficient submissions for the Customer Data Award. This is a prize for organisations who are able to demonstrate excellent data management or, are on the right track to perfect their data management. Companies often think that because their data management is "work in progress" , they can't submit. I understand people thinking this, however data in organisations is dynamic so the process is never complete, in any organisation.

That is why there is a great need for knowledge sharing at DDMA and a prize in the form of an award."

And what are the biggest goal?
"My dream is a two-day during event where the most important areas of data driven marketing are dealt with: The DDMA Datadays!"

Jan Hendrik Fleury is Innovations Managers at EDM. He is an orator from EDM at the Smart Data Finance Seminar on 9 March 2017.

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