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The main data specialist in the Netherlands obtains ISO 27001 certificate

EDM meets the strictest ISO requirements for data security

Nieuwegein, 19 June 2017 – EDM has obtained the ISO 27001 certificate. This certification shows that the company meets the state-of-the-art requirements for information security. The data specialist, that has its HQ in Nieuwegein, validates and analyses large volumes of customer data of the top 200 of largest advertisers in the Netherlands.

Frank de Beun, Managing Partner EDM: "Data being EDM's core business, information security has been high up on our agenda for years. We therefore consider this ISO certificate as a confirmation of the quality of our current information security policies and it helps to keep us on our toes going forward.' Every year, EDM is audited by the official ISO supervisory body.

Security for clients
EDM wants to guarantee its clients that its information security is given the greatest degree of attention and that it meets the strict ISO requirements. This means that individual audits by clients are not necessary. The structural measures are focused on people, buildings and systems, and pertain to the organization as a whole.

ISO team
The information security policies have been laid down in writing and are known to all EDM staff. A dedicated ISO team, consisting of HR, IT, Privacy staff and a Management representative, is responsible for the continuous implementation, assessment and adjustment of the information security policies. These policies include many different measures, including the reporting and logging of any incidents. The processing of client data is done entirely in accordance with the Dutch Data Protection Act, and data is only sent via a secure server environment.

About EDM
EDM increases the return on customer data through dataquality, customer insights and targeting solutions by using technology, consumer information and analyses, data is made accessible, analysed and applicable. For example, by validating customer data, building dashboards and targeting the right online and offline target group for you. EDM BV is part of the EDM Media Group, with offices in the Netherlands (Nieuwegein), England and Belgium.


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