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The Bel-Me-Niet-Meer list ensures that you do not receive phone-calls form organizations you are not related with. Companies and organizations remove your phone number and name from their telemarketing files and you will be called for their products, services or special promotions.

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DDMA is the branch association for dialogue marketing. EDM is a member of DDMA and acknowledges and observes the codes drawn up by DDMA. www.ddma.nl.

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Privacy Guarantee

The Privacy Guarantee is a hallmark that allows organisations to demonstrate to consumers and their business relations that they are handling personal details correctly when they send out advertising materials.

EDM was granted the DDMA privacy guarantee 'Gold'.

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Motivaction is a full service research and consulting firm. EDM has teamed up with Motivaction to develop the Mentality segmentation model, which determines the extent to which every Dutch household meets the profile of the different Mentality environments. For more information about Motivaction's segmentation models, go to :

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MicroStrategy is a global leader in Business Intelligence technology and delivers integrated software for reporting, analysis and monitoring. EDM converts client data into information, using the MicroStrategy BI tools.

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Postfilter: Dutch Mail Bereavement Register

Postfilter is a consumer interest organisation. Postfilter's starting points are clear: commercial communication should be possible, but the consumer must be respected at all times. For more information about Postfilter go to:

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Bel-me-niet Register (Infofilter Association)

On 1 October 2009 the Bel-me-niet Register was established ("don't call me" register). The objective of this register is to reduce nuisance caused by telemarketing. Consumers can register their landline and mobile phone number in the Bel-me-niet register. Once they have registered, companies may no longer contact them with a telephone offer. This has been arranged by law. Before they call a person, companies are obliged to first check whether this person is registered in the Bel-me-niet register. EDM can help its clients with this registration and with the deduplication with the Bel-me-niet register. If you have a telephone promotion scheduled, contact EDM or go to bel-me-niet.nl

DNA - Database Network Associates

A unique, pan-European network of database and direct marketing experts. DNA is the network of European experts in the area of "data-driven solutions for consumers."

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MOA, the Center for Information Based Decision Making Marketing Research, is an association of business and organisations involved in Market Research, Digital Analytics, Marketing Intelligence and Policy Research.

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Platform voor Klantgericht Ondernemen (PvKO)

EDM is a business partner of the Platform voor Klantgericht Ondernemen (PvKO - "platform for customer-driven enterprise"). The platform is an association of professionals who want to contribute to a customer-driven Holland, and who have an interest in sharing knowledge and experience in the area of customer-driven enterprise and CRM.

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PIM - Platform Innovatie in Marketing

The Platform Innovatie in Marketing (PIM - "platform innovation in marketing") is a knowledge network at the intersection of marketing, innovation and technology.

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Dutch Data Protection Authority

EDM abides to the Data Protection Act and reports to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

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EDM is a member of the University Customer Insights Center in Groningen (NL), also known as RUG CIC.

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Understanding how to approach consumers (the point of contact) and taking advantage of technological developments in the field of communications is growing in importance on a daily basis. The customer service federation, also known as the Dutch Klantenservice Federatie specialises in this particular domain.

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