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Privacy and Terms & Conditions

Privacy/Terms & Conditions

EDM has been working with its own databases and that of renowned partners and clients for over 25 years. Working with and exchanging data and personal details obviously requires that all current rules and codes of conduct concerning privacy and data security are monitored and complied with.

EDM has its own privacy officer and has a security policy in place regarding:

  • Organisational measures, e.g. in job profiles and employment contracts
  • Management of business assets, e.g. notebooks, smartphones and tablets
  • Physical security of EDM's own server centre in Haarlem
  • Access management and authorisation of staff
  • Maintenance and development of systems (software and hardware)
  • Justification of the structure of EDM data and the use of these by clients
  • Structural consultations with and advice from own privacy lawyer

Furthermore, the databases built by EDM with personal data have been registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The databases do not contain any 'excess' data, every consumer has been informed and has the right to peruse his data or have them deleted at all times.

We understand better than anyone the importance of the security and privacy of your and our data. Therefore you can rely on it that your data are safe with us. EDM has been granted the DDMA privacy guarantee 'Gold'.


In the scope of Privacy and Security, EDM prefers not to receive any data via email. We prefer to receive the data via a secured online transfer environment. Our (traffic) staff can create your account directly, after which a username and password are sent to you via various channels. Thank you for helping us safeguard the privacy of your and our data.

General terms and conditions:

Please consult our General Terms & Conditions below.

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