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Validation and enrichment

Be up-to-date!

Always validate and update your customer data before starting your DM campaigns.

Validating customer data, will allow you to add knowledge to your customer database, in the form of names and addresses. With this knowledge you can ensure that your customer database is complete, up-to-date and correct.

EDMMEDIA can provide updated consumer data and will act as your partner in helping you to enrich your customer database. With an enriched database you will be able to develop a highly focused marketing plan and undertake successful campaign selections.

EDMMEDIA can develop your database with domestic features, including but not limited to:

  • Composition of the household;
  • Age(s);
  • Affluence, income and education level ;
  • Capital (savings, loans and investments);

EDMMEDIA also holds data on memorable events in people's lives, e.g.:

  • The purchase, sale and actual removal date of houses;
  • Birth of a child and other family indicators

The points above are only a small selection of services that we can offer you. We can offer validation and enrichment in numerous ways such as, but not limited to: online, periodical and ad-hoc.

If you want to find out more, please contact Jelle Rietveld.

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